Technical Info and Trouble Shooting

Bear Heaters Technical Info and Troubleshooting

  1. How many heating element does the heater have?
    The Bear Infrared Heater has 6 quartz infrared heating elements
  2. How long will these elements last?
    The heating elements are rated for 20,000 hours of use
  3. How many kilowatt hours does the heater use?
    For every hour the The Bear Infrared Heater runs uses 1.5 kilowatt hours on the high setting and 1 kilowatt hour on the low setting.
  4. How many amps does the heater use.
    On the high setting the Bear Infrared Heater uses 13.6 amps and on the low setting it uses 9.1 amps
  5. The High/Low LED light are not working.
    The High/Low LED lights only work when the heater is actual heating(The heating elements are on). Set the the temperature to a point above the temperature in the room so that the heater starts heating. At this point the LED lights should come on.
  6. My heater has a E error.
    The Bear Infrared Heater may show one of the following errors
    • E1 - tip over or circuit protection error. Please turn off the heater, unplug it. make sure it is on a level surface and that there are no other appliances running on the same house hold circuit, Plug your heater back in and the error should be gone.
    • E2 - Bad Circuit Board - Please call us for a return
    • E3 -Internal Error - Please call us for a return