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Cherry Infrared Heater

2013 Cherry Infrared Heater

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Black Infrared Heater

2013 Onyx Infrared Heater

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Aspen Free Standing Fireplace Heater

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Safe and Efficient Heating with Bear Infrared Heaters

Bear Infrared Heaters offers the highest quality quartz infrared heaters on the market today. Finding a heating solution that is both safe and efficient can be a challenge. Most heaters available on the market today either have hot surfaces, open flames or emit harmful gases. For this reason infrared heaters offer a safer and more efficient solution for many people.

Infrared Heaters will help evenly heat a room in a quick and efficient manner. Our state of the art quartz infrared heating system will maintain a consistent and even temperature in a safe manner that won't expose those around it to the hot surfaces or harmful fumes that you would find with radiators, open fires or forced air furnaces.

How do Bear Infrared Heaters Work?

They work in much the same as a forced air furnace, which will circulate warm air through out the house, just on a smaller and more efficient scale. Bear Infrared Heaters use a simple and quiet yet powerful scroll fan to circulate and recirculate air through out the room, ensuring the the room is evenly heated. The temperature is set and controlled through an easy to use LED display or remote control included with the heater.

The heat is provided by 6 innovative Quartz Heating elements. These are surrounded by pure copper heat exchangers which provide the most efficient means of transferring the heat into the air. The warm air is then circulated and recirculated around the room by the powerful, yet subtlety quiet scroll fan. The overall efficiency of the design means less energy is used to heat a room and can often lead to big savings on your energy bills.

Are Bear Infrared Heaters Safe?

One of the key factors when choosing a heater is safety. Bear Heaters are some of the safest heaters available on the market today. The Bear Infrared Heater features cool touch sides, over heating and anti tip over protection. This eliminates the danger of burns from hot surfaces or accidentally tipping over. The cool touch sides are achieved by safely enclosing the quartz heating elements with our dual layers of insulation. Further all Bear Heaters are ETL certified.

The Bear Infrared Heater features a furniture garde wood cabinet which will compliment the decor of any room.

Quality and Efficiency

Delivering high quality, easy to use infrared heaters is what we do here at Bear Heaters. Our heaters are built to the highest standards and backed by the best service, both before and after the sale, in the industry. Check out our collection of Bear Infrared Heaters, and get free shipping for a limited time!